Outdoor Rinks

Outdoor Rinks

Caution should be taken as the rinks are unsupervised.

Rinks are free and unscheduled, available for general public use.

All rinks have benches, some have nets.

Century Meadows has one sensor light which is not set for specific times.

St. Pats is a boarded rink with lights that are operational from 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm every night.

  • 59 Street Close Park59 Street Close, South of Marler Drive
  • 67 Street Close Park38 Avenue and 67 Street
  • Bestland Creative Park50 Avenue and 65 Street
  • Castle Park                41 Avenue, between 59 Street and 60 Street
  • Century Meadows Park6300 Block and Enevold Drive
  • Duggan Park Pond        Entrance of 69 Street and 43 Avenue
  • Elizabeth Heights Park67 Street, between 42 Avenue and 43 Avenue
  • Kingman Park                54 Avenue and 52 Street
  • Mirror Lake - Arbor        48 Avenue and 55 Street
  • Mirror Lake - East Rink48 Avenue and 55 Street
  • Mirror Lake - Oval        48 Avenue and 55 Street
  • Mirror Lake - West Rink48 Ave. and 55 Street
  • St. Pat's Rink                50 Street, between 53 and 54 Avenues
  • Shuman Park                South of 47 Avenue, between 47 and 48 Street
  • Victoria Park                54 Avenue and 6200 Block

Keep your eyes peeled on http://www.camrose.ca/171/Outdoor-Rinks for opening dates and closing dates!

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