Dog Off-Leash Area

Dog Off-Leash Area

Off-leash areas are formally designated areas where dog owners can release their dogs from all forms of constraint and allow them to move about freely for exercise and/or socialization with other dogs and people. All off-leash areas are subject to rules and regulations that protect people, pets, and property.

Current Sites

There is a fenced year round off-leash area behind (north of) the eastern segment (Safeway to Staples) of the Cornerstone Development at 6800-48 Avenue. It can be accessed by driving to the back of the stores and parking in the designated area. The owner of the Cornerstone property that provides access to the site, supports the off-leash designation and has granted permission for dog owners to use the specified parking area behind the stores (with some conditions). 

The Camrose Golf Course is open as a seasonal (winter) dog off-leash area. This is a multi use area largely maintained by volunteers, and respecting other users and their chosen activities will ensure its future availability for these activities. The 'south nine' has been designated as a trial dog off-leash area over the winter period. It is important that the posted guidelines and rules are followed if this trial is to be successful.

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