Sports Fields & Courts

Sports Fields & Courts

Ball Diamonds

Ball diamond facilities include Kin Park (Rudy Swanson Recreation Park, 53 Street & 44 Avenue), Duggan Park (41st Avenue and Marler Drive) in southwest Camrose, West End Diamond (Grand Drive and 59th Street) and Comp NW Diamond (Camrose Composite High School).

Sports Fields

Six sports fields/soccer pitches are located in Rudy Swanson Recreation Park, and on the grounds of all secondary schools throughout Camrose.

Court Sports

There is one regulation size tennis court and one pickleball court located in Rudy Swanson Recreation Park, as well as two sand beach volleyball courts and two multi sport surfaces for basketball or ball hockey. Two more tennis courts are located in Rudy Swanson Park, but are closed indefinitely.There are four regulation size tennis courts at the Camrose Composite High School, and a basketball court at Grand Park Drive.