Mirror Lake Historic Walk

In 2008, the Membership of the Camrose Chamber of Commerce voted to create an... Read more
Camrose was a hub for railway activity, beginning in 1905 with service being... Read more
Our lovely little man-made lake was created in 1905 as a storage reservoir for... Read more
The first known building (in what was to become Sparling and then Camrose) was... Read more
The 48th Avenue Bridge was constructed in 1949. Prior to that time, the only... Read more
Prior to 1949, Highway 13 took a much different route through Camrose.... Read more
Stoney Creek Collieries opened in 1910 and employed a few hundred men. The... Read more
Curling has been a part of the sporting scene in Camrose since the club was... Read more
The Camrose Golf Club was formed in 1922 by a group of local businessmen and... Read more
One might expect that with a prominent Norwegian element in the district,... Read more
The tannery built on this site in 1908 was one of our communities’ oldest... Read more
In 1905, when the Canadian National Railway reached Camrose, a dam was built... Read more
By 1911, the town was growing and was in need of electrical power. A plant was... Read more
In 1913, a group of visionary citizens volunteered to cover the cost of sinking... Read more
In our earliest history, drinking water was provided by individual wells. In... Read more
Jubilee Park was commissioned in 1955 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of... Read more
One of the earliest Camrose dump sites was located beneath this information... Read more
In 1940, the Camrose Fair Grounds (now Rudy Swanson Recreation Park) was taken... Read more

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National/Global Sports

Camrose Knights of Columbus Breakfast at the Legion Hall8:30am to 12:00pm noonSmorg Style  13... Read More
TV Bingo returns every Wednesday at 7:00 P.M. on Channel 10 Cable TV. You could win $100 or $1,000... Read More
Tickets – $55Includes BBQ Chicken Buffet before the showDoors open 545pmBurger Buffet 6-730pmShow... Read More

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