Camrose RCMP

Property crime a constant concern for RCMP

Camrose RCMP are getting reports of three to four property thefts per week and strongly encourage rural residents to do everything they can to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

“With harvest being in full swing and a lot more machinery moving around and being in the fields, we have had an increase in property crime involving stolen trailers and vehicles and break and enter to rural property,” noted Camrose RCMP Corporal Mark Cusack. “We encourage everybody to be very diligent and do not leave anything in their vehicles or farm equipment that are left out in fields. Also lock your vehicles when unattended.” 

Cusack added that even if your vehicles are locked, if the keys are left in them and they are broken into, the vehicle can easily be stolen. “Don’t give them any opportunity to steal your property, take the keys with you.” Cusack offered other tips on keeping property safe. “Ensure your in-vehicle security and safety devices such as OnStar subscriptions are up to date. If the subscription expires, then you will have to call and have it reactivated. OnStar won’t be able to track your vehicle unless the subscription is up to date.” Cusack said certain models of trucks are more popular for theft than others. He also strongly suggested, if at all possible, do not leave vehicles used to travel from field to home or field to field, in the fields overnight. “Lately we have noticed vehicles left over-night are the ones being stolen.”

Cusack also advised property owners to do something to make unattended vehicles inoperable to further deter would-be thieves from stealing them. Other preventative measures include the use of security cameras, alarm systems and high powered  (motion sensor) yard lights.  “Make sure all out-buildings are locked up every night. Get into the habit of doing a walk around your property every night at around the same time, to make sure things are locked.

If you see a suspicious vehicle or person in the immediate area, contact the RCMP by either calling 9-1-1 or the local detachment complaint line for Camrose 780-672-3341.

Repeat offender gets nabbed

As a result of information provided by a rural resident, Killam and Viking RCMP were able to locate and arrest a repeat property crime offender, charging the 31-year-old, from Edmonton, with several offences. 

On Sept. 29, at approximately 9:30 a.m. Killam RCMP were advised of a theft of a truck from a local shop. The owner of the truck was able to relay the location of the truck via GPS to police, and determined that the truck was in Viking. Killam and Viking RCMP members located the vehicle, and arrested the driver. The suspect was charged with Break and Enter, Mischief Under $5,000 and Possession of Property Obtained by Crime over $5,000.

On Sept. 30, the suspect was released by a Justice of the Peace for a future court date. Shortly after his release, Killam RCMP were alerted to a theft of a truck in Killam. Killam RCMP were able to notify surrounding detachments, and eventually located and arrested the suspect again in another stolen truck. The suspect was charged with additional charges including Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Flight from a Police Officer, Theft of Truck, Failing to Comply with Conditions of a Recognizance and Mischief under $5,000. The suspect appeared in Killam Provincial Court on Oct. 1.